This service is for companies located in Indianapolis or the surrounding areas ( 50 miles of downtown Indianapolis) Select yes if your company fits this criteria.
PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS: *Brings a fun colorful energy to the workplace. *Introduces your staff and clients to the joy of art. *Something to look forward to every month. *IT'S FREE! HOW IT WORKS: Every month I will bring a new piece of art to your company. The art will hang in a location of your choosing for 1 month, after which I will replace the art work with a new painting. If the painting sells while hanging in your location, you will receive 25% commission. You also have the choice to purchase any artwork for 25% off retail. PLEASE NOTE: some of the art will rotate on a 2 or 3 month schedule depending on the style you choose. HOW WILL THIS HELP ME: This give me a chance to display my art, sell my art, and develop my art. SELECT: Yes if you understand how the program works.
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Contact Name
Can the art be hung in a high traffic area so your staff and clients will have a chance to enjoy it?
I create a variety of different styles of art. For examples visit my shops. Select your style preference.