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These are items sold at Ben’s speaking events. Books, Posters, Heart Art, and even large paintings of his performance art.



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Thank you so much for letting me speak to your students today…

Todays event for your students was a fun motivational message to encourage them to be resilient in all they do and find the grit to keep moving forward when things get tough. Todays event was also in conjunction with a LEGO toy drive we do every year. All the LEGO go to local Children’s Hospitals to encourage kids are are fighting to be resilient and have grit during a really difficult time in their lives.

If you would like to support the Chalkguy LEGO drive all the proceeds from your order today will go to sending more sets to the Children’s hospitals.

If you order the Event bundle I talked about in school today, we will be shipping you a Book, an 8x10 print of todays art, and one of Natty’s Special Slime cups… (FREE SHIPPING - Picture does not include frame)

All of the other options available are direct donations that will go strait to buying a Lego.

If you have used LEGO you would like to donate, you can message me and we can set up a way to get those.

WHY LEGO? On every LEGO we give out there is a sticker that sums up why we only give LEGO. The sticker says, “LEGO is the best, and we want you to know that you are worth the BEST!”

For more information on the LEGO drive and how you can help visit

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